The Guardian July 31, 2018

Climate Change/Global Warming is rapidly killing our planet.

There is almost no mention of climate Change in the MSM and people are not talking about it. Right wingers in Redding, CA  are sure there is no connection between Climate Change and the 200K+ acres that are still burning there.

…the citizens of Redding are far more skeptical about climate change than the average American is. In 2016, a team from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found that only 35% of Redding residents believed that global warming would harm them personally, five percentage points lower than the national average, and 12 points less than the average Californian.

“Among Republicans, about half think there’s evidence of climate change, but only a third think it’s anthropogenic in its roots.”

“The county went 65% for Trump,” noted David Ledger, who belongs to the Shasta Environmental Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups in the area. “The media here runs a lot of very conservative talkshows. The newspapers tend to have very conservative editorials. Almost all of them are skeptical of anthropogenic climate change.”