The media is just not talking about climate change/global warming despite the many articles written about record-breaking temperatures, heat waves, and wildfires.

They are talking about the fact that it’s not being talked about.

An article at The New Republic, The Media’s Failure to Connect the Dots on Climate Change, makes it clear that

there’s no climate connection to be found in much news coverage

However Media Matters notes that

Major broadcast TV networks mentioned climate change just one time during two weeks  of heat-wave coverage. ABC, CBS, and NBC aired 127 segments on the recent heat wave and only one noted that climate change is a driver of extreme heat.

You could do something to help.

But you don’t have time, right? Your life is hellishly busy and you can’t juggle all the balls you have in the air. You have an increasing awareness of Climate Change. But it’s too big a thing to think about.

You think, “I need to do something!” Days go by and nothing is done. But you want to do your part.

You can. You could do one tiny action a week,  commit to 15 minutes a week. You spend more time than that at traffic lights in a week anyway.

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This blackout is not by accident. The message is controlled by the corporatocracy. It is happening by design.

Trump himself has taken the lead in this effort, labeling the “fake news media” to be the “enemy of the state” and instructing his supporters not to trust any negative stories about his administration. At an event for veterans on Tuesday, (July 26) he offered an alarmingly Orwellian distillation of this political philosophy: “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

While Trump’s outbursts work to sway public trust in the media, the White House has also sharpened its efforts to promote its alternative facts. … The West Wing now has begun eliminating words from official transcripts, and recently banned a reporter from Trump’s Rose Garden briefing for asking “inappropriate” questions.

What is the Climate Broadcast Blitz?

It is a grass roots campaign to spread the word because it’s not happening yet.

•  start a conversation with friends and family

• engage with your local media to start talking now about climate change/global warming.


Receive a weekly bulletin with a weekly action item. We’ll send you:

• Three news articles each week with:

• A synopsis of each article,

• Talking points for each article.

• And suggested simple actions that focus on:

• Making the media connect climate disruption to the actual events they are reporting on.

• Calling your local media, participating in local media blogs, writing letters to the editor…

You? Just do one action a week because together we can change the conversation!


• Burning oil => heat-trapping CO2 => Global Warming  = > Climate Change

• Increased temperatures => dry soil and vegetation => wild fires, hurricanes, heat waves, floods

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