Hundreds of business and government leaders from around the world, as well as experts, nonprofits, national officials, movie stars and celebrities convened in San Francisco on September 13th and 14th for the Global Climate Action Summit. These folks are gathering ostensibly to find ways to meet the Paris Agreement goals. But, they will meet, talk, and what? Capitalists want profit. You do the math.

A parallel and alternative conference, sol2sol, reflecting social justice goals is also taking place this week. There is no difference between justice for Gaia and reverence for all people.


These activists realize that the GCA Summit presentations and their proposed solutions will largely be in the interest of big businesses and focused on profit.

“Business has certainly awakened to self-interest around climate,” said

Kathy Gerwig

(of Kaiser Permanente) … Kaiser donated $1 million to help fund the summit, as did the Schwab Charitable Trust, according to filings with the state. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation gave $1.25 million. … “There are business risks associated with climate change — infrastructure where facilities are located, storm damage. Those are real costs,” Gerwig said, referring to extreme weather and rising seas.

The Rise for Climate Protest on September 8th took place in ~95 countries. Around 30,000 people marched in San Francisco.

There were over 260 events happening in the US and over 900 events in 90 countries… Global protests unroll as key UN climate talks stumble

South China Morning Post September 9, 2018

From Bangkok to Paris and San Francisco, tens of thousands of people across the world took to the streets on Saturday to demand governments take action against climate change, as key UN talks attempt to breathe life into the Paris Agreement. Nearly 1,000 events were organized in around 100 countries as part of the “Rise for Climate” protest movement that called on countries to end their reliance on fossil fuels and transition fully into renewable energy. Organizers in France claimed 115,000 people turned out in what would be the largest environmental demonstration in the country’s history, with 50,000 marching in Paris, however police put the number in the capital at 18,500. “This is the biggest day of climate action in France, it’s proof that the citizens are ready to demand commitments from our elected officials after a catastrophic summer when it comes to the climate,” said Clemence Dubois, the France campaigner for … Dozens of Thai fishermen and labourers whose livelihoods are threatened by rising sea levels kicked off the day of protests in Bangkok, where the UN talks are being held.

Residents of Louisiana’s Cancer Alley Join Climate Movement in Call for Environmental Justice

Desmog September 10, 2018

Thousands turned out at over 800 actions spearheaded by, an environmental advocacy group, Alaina Boyett, a member of 350 New Orleans, a local affiliate of, organized two events dubbed “Rise For Cancer Alley.” Over 100 people were in attendance, which pleased Boyett. “Today Cancer Alley residents got a chance to tell their stories to a larger audience,” she told me, which was her goal. “I wanted to amplify the voices of people who often don’t feel they are being listened to.” 350 New Orleans collaborated … In the afternoon, they joined with HELP Association of St. James, to hold a gathering and march in St James, a predominantly low-income, African-American town of less than 1,000, where Energy Transfer Partners’ controversial Bayou Bridge pipeline will terminate, about 60 miles west of New Orleans.