A  longish video by Paul Beckwith from the U. of Ottawa Laboratory for Paleoclimatology. You gotta love this guy with his three cats explaining the consequences of the melting of the arctic sea ice. He and his little cats too, give a very digestible presentation about Arctic Blue Ocean Event Consequences: Air and Ocean Circulation Changes…

It is becoming common knowledge that we are rapidly heading to complete loss of Arctic sea-ice. Without a course reversal, one eventually gets where one is headed. What will the consequences be, to the Arctic and to the rest of the planet?

Using my three cats as willing(?) helpers, I attempt to explain how the Beaufort Gyre and TransArctic Drift will reverse, monsoonal torrential rains will attack permafrost on land along Arctic coastlines, with severe increases in methane and carbon dioxide releases from this big thaw.

Our world will rapidly change for the worse as Arctic feedbacks accelerate and the jet streams stall out. We will have to relearn how to grow food in new ways and regions as existing farmland becomes subject to droughts and/or switches to torrential rains. Buckle your seatbelts.