Most people know that climate change is real. But no one is talking about it. If it comes up in conversation the common thread is “It’s so overwhelming — what can I do?

We all know temperature records are continually being broken. Tipping points dates are moving up. BP and Shell Oil are planning on global temperatures rising as much as nine degrees Fahrenheit by 2050 — in only 30 years. These companies have billions of dollars invested in infrastructure which will be affected. They have researched this thoroughly because they need to plan for future protections of their infrastructure. These are the people who are controlling the conversation. 

This blog is a place to find current news and a way to use that news to change the conversation.

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Right now what else can you do? 

Start talking about it to people. Make it a meme

Talk to your local television and radio weather producers and tell them you need to hear more about the connection between the weather and Climate Change.

Start tracking the changes in your city and make sure that others do the same. Record the times that plants bloom and what food there is for animals to eat. 

If we are silent nothing will change. Keep talking about it. Make it a meme!